Rodery Jewelry House

The whole world of Rodery Jewellery is based on the intellectual luxury approach. Every single precious stone is chosen and unique. We aim to use only gems of the high investment potential while working on both seasonal collections and individual orders from all over the world. Rodery Jewellery is behind a lot of family treasures which are loved and cherished in Switzerland, United Kingdom, Emirates, Hong Kong and USA.

The first Rodery workshop was launched in Italy in 1896. Since then the small family business became a proper jewellery maison with the representative offices in Miami, Milan, Geneva, Dubai, Hong Kong and Moscow.

Rodery Jewellery is a fruit of the hard work. We are looking for all kind of creative and administrative talents around the world. As the head of the Russian office Anna Nerli puts it, “The artists behind our jewels are pieces of intellectual art themselves. And when they join Rodery family it’s just the way they work — always sharing s lot of soul and spirit with their precious creations”.

Precious gems we use had been through the two-level selection supervised by the best gemmologists. Every single stone has a state certificate of the country of origin and is sent to our Switzerland laboratory to obtain an additional certificate of international level.

Every single piece of Rodery Jewellery starts its journey from the artistic sketch. And as soon as the jewel finds the new owner, the sketch is for him or her to cherish, along with the jewel certificates. We believe that you can create the exceptional masterpiece only in a beautiful and ethic collaboration between all sorts of creators. And every single member of the Rodery business family is not only a professional, but the artist of the job performed.

Royal sapphires, Colombian emeralds and Mogok rubies are treasures. One can not gain them without going through a hunt, or a journey, or an adventure. So it’s really important for us not to distract your eye from the natural beauty and the story of the gem. We aim to create a jewel that will be a reliable and beautiful investment and a treasure to pass through the generations ahead. Rodery designers just delicately illuminate the inner fire of the coloured stones with sparkling diamonds. Just like the reasonable people do with important paintings.